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Narumi Fujishima

Narumi Fujishima (藤島 鳴海 Fujishima Narumi)

He is the main protagonist of Kamisama no Memo Chou (神様のメモ帳) or Heaven's Memo Pad.

He is an ordinary 16 year-old high school student. He lives with his older sister because his father is away for work for most of the year and because of several school transfers he has become introverted.

Appearance Edit

A boy of average height, he has short dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He is most often seen wearing his school uniform, or his uniform for the ramen shop he works part-time in.

Personality Edit

He is a high school student who is not very involved in his school whatsoever to the point where he does not know most of his classmate's names. However, this fact does not seem to bother him too much. He is often told he lacks distinguishable features and doesn't stand out, and this is something that annoys him greatly.

Official description of Narumi Fujishima.

History Edit

He is introduced to the local ramen shop named Hanamaru by his energetic and friendly classmate Ayaka, where he meets Min (the shop owner), Alice, and the NEET Detective Team members.